Texas Microphone Massacre Electronic Press Kit

"Progressive electronic rock act Texas Microphone Massacre is Austin's avant-garde retro-sound treasure." - Russell Dowden, Publisher/CEO, Rockstar Magazine

Austin's Texas Microphone Massacre assembles a cast of regional and national scene veterans to create a unique, genre-bastardizing sound comprised of hip hop rhythms, new wave melodies, and unabashedly rock and roll delivery.  The group's newest release, Saturn's in Retrograde, crystallizes these disparate elements in a nuanced LP that offers fresh, new musical perspectives with a sense of familiarity for fans of Muse, Crosses, Depeche Mode, The Faint, or Nine Inch Nails.

In March of 2015, TMM released the music video for their cover of Gerard McMann's Cry Little Sister to rave reviews from fans and media alike.

In March of 2015, TMM was recognized by readers of the Austin Chronicle as one of the best EDM/Dance performing bands in the area.